dimanche 29 juillet 2012

Healthy summer food.

Sand. Sun. Parties on the beach. Surf. Tan. Heat. Barbecues with friends. Fun. Pool. Swimming suits. Skin. Love. Hair. Short shorts. Flip-flops. Fireworks. Nice weather. Music festivals... Summer is the season of all of these things and sometimes it's hard not to succumb to all the donuts, ice-cream, pizza that are available. That's why I'm posting pics of good, healthy food that will rock all your summer long and help you loose weight for september!

1. Nice breakfast.

Muesli + yogurt + fruits = good deal. Not only that breakfats will fill you up until 2 p.m but it's healthy and actually really good. Don't hesitate to try different fruits for variety (strawberries, bananas, kiwis, blueberries, pineapple, apples...).

 2. Beach sandwich.

Add ham, tomatoes, salad, avocado, cheese, salmon, capres or wathever other healthy ingredient to your beach sandwich (preconize whole wheat bread) so you won't end up buying pizza or a greasy burrito.

 3. Not too heavy pasta.

 It's simple. Pasta + vegetables (+ a little cream). Don't hesitate to add spices and herbs!

3. Fruits, fruits, fruits.

You knew it was coming.
Eat any kind of fruit everywhere and under any form. As it is at the beach or in a fruit salad nicely seasoned, admit fruits are really good when it's hot outside.

4. Avocado lover.

Definitly the most healthy food in the world, here are some ideas the eat avocado otherwise than with vinaigrette and a tea spoon. 

Wrapped in ham

On bread with a little butter

On bread with an egg

In a salad

 5. Summer drinks.

- Coffee. Try the ice-one without sugar, it's the best.

- Smoothies without added sugar. Try cucumber and/or lemon with fruits.

 6. Don't forget to eat MEAT.

 Talking salads, smoothies and fruits was nice but not eating meat will make you weak! (iron deficiency) So eat up pure steak sometimes (like red meat). You can grab some chicken salad sometimes (why not ceasar?), it surely won't hurt you.

7. Sushi time.

Nothing better than sushi to make you eat fish in a healthy way whithout eating always the same kind of food everyday.


8. Noodle up.

An other way to vary meals, noodles are the best. Spice it up, herb it up and add shrimp, fish and/or vegetables for a really nice meal!

9.  Pizza challenge.

Is eating a healthy pizza possible? Yes but it needs to be home-made. DIY pizza >>>here<<<.


 10. Appetizers.

 Here are some ideas of nice appetizers to make for yourself or if you have people over to your house!

11. Desserts.

Healthy desserts ideas again but still... you can loosen up a little and eat some bueberry crumble or a slice of chocolate cake.

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