mercredi 27 juin 2012

Nice pics & stuff

I'm realising I never really presented myself guys! So here it goes, I'm 15, going into sophomore year in september, I live in Paris and that's like one of the best things ever. So here are the things I like (if you criticize or have negative toughts about this you can eventually fuck off - with lots of love):

- cats (you'll maybe see some pictures of my kitty on this blog)
- fashion (i live in paris what do you expect hey hey hey)
- Nylon magazine (officialy the best magazine EVER)
- Lana Del Rey and all of her super cool vintage vibes
- In matter of music, I love Joy division, The black keys, The kills, Gossip, The velvet underground's "Heroin" song, The beatles' "Lucy in the sky with diamonds", The beach boys and lots of other cool stuff.
- Candles (I think there's something romantic and satanic about them)
- Coffee in the morning. The ice one is the best in summer.
- The smell of summer, rain and fire at christmas time when there's snow and stuff outside.
- Writing. Wheter it's in my diary or in my head, I just love imagining stories, different characters... I love to put my feelings down on paper and the feeling I get after this (you need to try it)
- Concerts (because it's definitly about more than just music)
- Trying things for the first time. Example: steeling something, smoking weed, having sex, sleeping in the street with friends... YOLO guys.
- saying YOLO everytime i'm about to do something bad.
- wearing brand new underwear and feeling unconditionnally hot.

- doing forbidden things: it's really just for the thrill.
- perfume. Because you feel so good after spraying it on you.
- the feeling that you get in front of an amazing piece of art (whether it's a painting, a photo...) like you totally connect with the artist.
- Movie wise: the night of the hunter, the wizard of oz & a bout de souffle are my all time faves.
- holding a cigarette, smoking it and feeling so hype.
- wolves. There's something so different and amazing about them. When I was a kid I used to say I would have 3 or 4 wolves in my big appartment when I would be like in my sixtees (I still want it that way).
- Velvet, leather, lace and all the other materials that you would't think about mixing and matching.
- fireworks on summer night.
- music playing so loud that you can hear it "in you".
- my old and tired pair of Converse.
- when you almost want to cry while finishing that "most awesome book of your life".
- going for a dip in the sea at night.

 And lots of other cool stuff to be writen (well actually tipped) down... 
               xxx, me.


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