vendredi 2 mars 2012

Ai Weiwei and the chinese society.

Ai Weiwei is a chinese contemporary artist who doesn't hesitate to critisize the chinese society and the very strict mold the government want the people to adopt trough out art. Sculpture, installation, architecture, photography, film... Weiwei uses different techniques and also the maintenance of a blog and a twitter account so the world can follow the information instantly. At the age of 54 Ai Weiwei has been arrested and put in jail as well as his internet network's been closed.

Today I've been to an exhibition
of his art-work and fight for the freedom of expression in the current state of China. I walked out, dazed about what a man could do to fight for not only his personnal freedom but for the freedom of a whole nation for now and the years to come.

Find all the informations to the exhibition >>>HERE<<<.

"Droping an urn
of the Han Dynasty", 1995.

"Study Of Perspective - The Eiffel Tower", 1995-2003.

"Juin 1994", 1994.

"Earthquake in Sichuan", 2008-2010?

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