mardi 6 décembre 2011

Tee time.

You know that T-shirt who's just so fun, that fits you perfectly and that everyone wants to borough? The bright one, the PERFECT one the one that you always wanted. I made a little list for you guys of the best T's that'll reflect your personnality, mood and everything.... Just take a quick bright look.

Superman cropped T. Get it >>>here<<<

Dare: wear it to a math test. Get it >>>here<<< 

Rock n' roll cropped T. Last seen >>>here<<<

V-neck T. Get it >>>here<<<

My blog isn't called "god save rock n' rol" for no reason! Get the T >>>here<<<

I sure don't want to meet this crazy looking cat. Get the T >>>here<<<

Cut Off tank. Get it >>>here<<<

Get it >>>here<<<

That's right! Get it >>>here<<<

Waou! Get it >>>here<<<

Over size baggy top. Get it >>>here<<<

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